About Manjusha

Manjusha Fibre Arts is a luxury hand dyed yarn and fibre producer located in southern Manitoba, just outside of  Lorette and Winnipeg. We are located on Treaty 1 Territory and acknowledge our Indigenous peoples who originally lived on these lands - the Anishinabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota, and Dene peoples, and Métis Nation.  Manjusha Fibre Arts branched off of Manjusha Farm as an independent business in July 2018 to be able to promote amazing yarns and fibres to fibre artists of all levels.  We do not currently have a physical store.


Our Yarns and Fibres

As a proud Canadian business we do our best to source all of yarns and fibres right here in Canada, or from Canadian suppliers, but some of our curated products do come from outside of Canada. Our farm sometimes will provide some of the fibres and fleeces you see, but we also try to provide yarns and fibres from local farms . Manjusha's colours are inspired by a variety of things, but you will always find super colours and wonderful yarn and fibre bases. Our yarns and fibres are all hand dyed in small batches to ensure both quality and the unique originality that can only come from handcrafted works. Each skein or braid is made with broad creative flair, but attention to detail results in fantastic products.  Each skein and braid is dyed with acid dyes, unless stated, rinsed sufficiently to prevent bleed onto your hands or into your works, and individually inspected before leaving our location for colour issues that would not be part of the expected colourway. Manjusha uses a variety of techniques, which will lead to some skeins having intentionally slow fading colours, intense spots, speckles, and undyed areas.

About Tammy

Tammy has been knitting as long as she can remember, after copying her grandmother, and later was taught to crochet by her mother. She started dyeing fibre and fleece after setting up a sheep farm with her husband. She is grateful for the organizers of the Manitoba Fibre Festival that encouraged her to show her dyed items and fleeces at the first festival.  Now she spends much of her time away from her job as a University Professor investigating brain plasticity with yarn, fibre, dyes, needles, and spinning wheels.  




Some of the questions I anticipate some may have are addressed below.  If you do not find the question or answer you are looking for, please do contact me 

Lorette, Manitoba, Canada

Tel: 204-797-8062


still also responding to:


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How do I place an order?

The items can be placed into your cart and the cart symbol should be present in the right hand portion of your screen at all times.  Taxes will be added to your order before purchase and you will be charged GST and Manitoba Provincial Sales Tax.  Details of your location will be requested for shipping purposes. International orders require a phone number. 


Secure ordering & payment options

Payment will be via Paypal.  You will never have to share your credit card details with us. We are looking at options for people that do not use Paypal.  We will not email you with better prices if you hold things in your cart, or remind you that they are there.  At festivals and events I will use Square and can take credit of Debit tap or cash.



Shipping will be done via Canada Post.  Order shipping will be at a standard fee of $10 for Canadian Customers (and $12  for US and  $15 for International Customers), and there is a larger shipping charge of Gallon Unicorn orders.  Shipping is free for orders over $200 CDN.

For local customers, I would like to try to have options for connecting with you, both to say hello and provide you with prompt access to your lovely products.  I am thinking I might need a few consistent times when I can be at different coffee shops for pickup! I will email you about connecting.


Returns & refunds

I, of course, wish that you love every item that comes to you.  I will reimburse anything returned in an unused condition, but will not be able to reimburse shipping. I have tried to take very good pictures of colours to be sure you see what the items look like.  Hand dyed products have significant variability, and these should be considered part of their charm and appeal.  With handdyed yarns and top there are slightly unique colours to every skein and there may be variation between skeins and dye lots. If you are doing a multi-skein project, it would be advisable to alternate between skeins to balance the colours.


Although any significant variations seen at inspection are added to my 'opps' pile and not sold here,  Rarely, but it does happen, a single knot may be in your yarn. We have selected yarns that are not overly knotted (unless intentionally), but this is part of the long line of processing and not an error in the manufacturing. Anything that may not fall under this "the nature of handdyed yarns" umbrella would be something I would want to address.  Anything that arrives damaged would be replaced with an identical item and we will seek out restitution through the shipper.

Please contact me immediately with problems, as I would prefer to try to have you happy (and not have you post nasty things on the internet).  Please send any questions you have if you are just curious about an item.  I may have other photos if you are unsure about things. 

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