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I have been remiss in updating when I was planning to after the inventory. There are many reasons this week. First, some of the pictures I took were rather awful. Then the site seemed so slow - but it turns out, it was all because of how I loaded up items. I have modified the Unicorn product listings, and will slowly try to streamline things to make it run faster. I would not want people having to wait to see some of the lovely colours. Then the husband was using the computer to do something he wanted to do, and with limited waking hours, it just ended up that he got on, and I did not. And I do have to get ready for the Fibre Festival too. It is coming up very fast!

I have been sharing some fun new colours via Instagram and Facebook, including the Manitoba Fibre Festival 2018 Custom Colour - MB Sheep Thrill. It is available in just a few weeks!

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