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Summer Fibre Festival

Maureen of Tog & Thel, my natural dyeing fibre event partner (and one of my many enablers), has wanted us to do a "pop up" event for the longest time, and she found a lovely location for an event, but it was too big for just us! We started off calling it a Fibre Affair. Maureen invited a number of people and with the help of Daria of Cloud 9 Fiber Works, we got set up and will have an amazing little event on July 28th at Little Britain, a small church near Lockport, Manitoba. In the end, it became more than a little affair and became a true mini festival. There will be food and drinks available and even if you do not come to buy yarn or fibre related things, you could come visit a lovely area. I have to shut down the cart for the day and the day after to prepare and revisit store items, but will have many new things for anyone that visits the Fibre Festival! For those that come out to see us, there are authors, yarn and fibre dyers, fibre bags, and so much more. There is no entry fee, a spinning/knitting circle and even a demo of the making of a felted hat. So very exciting! The Cooks Creek Viking festival is down the road this weekend too, so you could always make a day it too! Or come see us Saturday and hit the other festival Sunday.

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