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When you are not quite ready for the level of success you achieve....

The small Summer Fibre Festival at the Little Britian Church Hall was fantastic. So many people, so much fun, so much fibre! The church ladies baking was amazing - I should not have waited and gone for seconds sooner! It was awesome. With my skeins and fibres - I had my plan for tracking what was sold and what colourways people were getting... and on what blends. And then I had a plan for take-down that would let me confirm the inventory and get some new things posted here right away. I am so happy to say, the day was such an amazing success that I was an utter failure at this part! Thanks out to Maureen of Tog & Thel who was the driving force, and Daria of Cloud9 Fiberworks who set up the events page, and to everyone that came out - vendors and buyers. My other sadness was that the amazing felted hat that I had been coveting all day was too small. Maybe my head swelled from all the amazing folks I met Saturday and the extreme success of our little event. Next year?

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